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Welcome to those who enjoy the sound waves and vibrations that provide deep meditation, relaxation and the restoration of well-being.
Most sessions are held at Peaceful Wellness and Sound Healing Studio

on the Northside of Madison.
Meditation instruction and Coaching is offered in group and individual sessions.
Private Sound Healing sessions are also available.

Immerse yourself into the world of sound healing where you can experience a state of mindful relaxation that alleviates tension and stress throughout your entire body.
Explore our sound baths, sound events, sound meditations or private integral sound healing sessions available in Madison, Wisconsin.

Sound Baths in Madison

Find Sound Healing Events in Madison

Studies have shown that regular sessions of sound healing
can have numerous beneficial effects on physical, emotional,
and spiritual health.


  • 7/13: Receive Summer Meditation w/Interactive Sound Healing
  • 7/13: Harmonizing Body & Mind Sound Bath
  • 7/20: Shake in Sound
  • 7/21: Reiki Sound Bath
  • 7/27: Luminous Growth Sound Bath
  • 7/28: Singing Bowls for Self-Care Workshop
  • Reserve Your Own Private Sound Bath
  • More to Come!

Sound Healing Benefits

What are the benefits of sound healing?

Inner Balance

Harmonize the body’s vibrations and promote a sense of tranquility

Holistic approach

Targets the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects

Enhance Mood

Encourages feelings of well-being


Promotes present moment awareness


Deeper connection to oneself


Reduces stress and anxiety, improves sleep quality, and boosts the immune system

Testimonials for Sound Healing in Madison, Wisconsin

What my clients say

Amazing, the sound meditation is so relaxing and calming. I would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried this session.


It was relaxing and I left feeling rejuvenated in mind and body and spirit. I will definitely be joining for many more classes.


Peaceful Wellness and Sound Healing Studio
Sound Bath Events in Madison